Welcome to Goole Amateur Boxing Club

Goole Amateur Boxing Club is one big family where everyone is welcome. We are open to all genders from the age of 8, providing competitive and recreational boxing training, as well as non-contact, boxing-based fitness classes. We are currently open to new members and we’re here for everyone, not just those who want to box! We’re shaping and developing people towards positive, fulfilling and healthy lives.

With classes throughout the week, we can cater for everyone from complete beginners to more experienced boxers and for all levels of fitness.

“We want everyone in here to enjoy themselves but also learn the art of boxing”

Renetta Edwards – Head Coach

Our Goals


We specialise in delivering boxing training and boxing-based keep fit sessions for people of all ages.

Team Work

We encourage a teamwork approach as well as developing individual leadership skills.


We encourage our members to believe in themselves, their abilities and instil confidence.


We coach, guide and support our members to respect both themselves and others.

“Boxing is very much in the culture of this community”

Jackie Crawford – CEO of Moorlands Community Charity

The Coaches

Renetta Edwards

Head Coach & Trustee

Ricky Burnitt


Carl ‘Taff’ Williams


Albert Hardy


Zygimantas Butkevicious


“We want to change lives for the better, I don’t just do this for me, I do it for them”

Billy Robinson - Coach


Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6.00 - 6.55pm 8 - 13 Year Olds 14 - 17 Year Olds 8 - 13 Year Olds 14 - 17 Year Olds
7.00 - 8.00pm 18+ Mixed Senior Boxing and Fitness 18+ Mixed Senior Boxing and Fitness England Boxing 'carded' Boxers sparring session 18+ Mixed Senior Boxing and Fitness

“Boxing doesn’t just teach boxing skills, it teaches life skills as well”

Andrew Horncastle – Goole Boxing Club Board



“We train anyone, from 8 to 80. We are all inclusive”

Renetta Edwards – Head Coach

For more details on memberships or sessions, please email us or contact us via Facebook.
The first session is free, and then group classes are £3 per session thereafter.